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Lavasa is a privately built and maintained, planned city near Mumbai and Pune; but all this you will get to know from any site on the net.

What you won’t get anywhere is, is the place worth the hype? What all attractions are there? How it actually feels to be there!

I’ve been to Lavasa to spend my New Year’s eve there and let me give you my first-hand experience which you can think upon before booking your trip to Lavasa.

Upon reaching Lavasa, and on your way just before reaching the place, you will be welcomed with lovely flower plantations on the roadsides. I was so elated on the way because in India, maintenance and cleanliness have always been an issue. But the roads here are so well maintained and its scenic throughout the way.

The first thing that is striking when we went around a walking tour is that, the whole architecture and planning of the city, quite much resembles like in European countries. It would be proper to say that it feels like a mini abroad in India.

Hills have always been my favourite, and the western ghats in India may not be as high but there is ample hilly scenic beauty here. Plus, the lush greenery that you will get here in the monsoons. But personally I would say its best to visit Lavasa during winters, cause in even in December January, the temperature would be high enough during the day time. I didn’t require any jacket or warm clothes during the day at all. In the evening you might need some kinda warm clothing and the weather feels pleasant.


Ok, all the hotels here are a little on the pricey side. You might wanna track the hotel website and other sites too to get some discount on room bookings. I stayed in Le Mercure, and the views were pretty good from the room. And best part is that, they had a lavish breakfast spread with sooo many stuffs to choose from.


an evening stroll

Now this info is for girls like me, there’s not much seductive shopping here. In fact if you are a shopaholic, still you might need to actually search for proper stuffs to buy. At least this was the scenario till the time I visited there, which is like end of 2016. But a good thing about this place is that one gets a lot of vegetarian options here… I mean a lot. Most of the restaurants here are veg, and are very good actually.

Apart from much technical details I hope I could give you a feel of the place.

And I apologize for not getting more picture cause I was so engrossed in enjoying the place in real…

More pictures in my nest travelogue pakka 😊