May 27, 2017 Rima 0Comment

A few memories are lost with time… And so are few dresses that are lost in the stack of clothes, unnoticed with the passage of time. While flipping over some clothes a few days back I came across this blue dress of mine which I’ve been overlooking forever. Actually it’s also like I haven’t been getting a perfect occasion to wear it, an occasion that would justify it’s elegance.

Why I love this Blue dress so much cause its so effortlessly Chic. Its not over the top, but it certainly makes a statement. With a little black detailing on the neck, the fabric of this muted blue dress is so amazing; it fits your body with so much comfort and style.

And nothing more could compliment the dress better other than this pair of White heels. Honestly, wearing this high heels for a long time is quite a deal. So I wear only when I’m going somewhere for a short while or where I won’t have to stand for long 🙂

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Outfit details:

Dress- Wills Lifestyle

Shoes- Forever New

Bracelets- Swarovski