May 17, 2017 Rima 0Comment

Its seriously pointless. Not that pointless actually; it has a point. But that point is  totally pointless!

I needed a break from doing nothing. And also to do nothing as such.

on way

Most of us would agree that Delhi is a freaking busy place and is very upbeat. I wanted to take a break but not so much that I’ll get bored to death. So I decided to visit Delhi and just stay in the city for a few days so that I can chill out in the day time and go out and have fun in the evening. Waise bhi you cannot go out anywhere in the day hours in this freakin’ Delhi heat. And I’ve already seen all the tourist attractions in Delhi so there was no aim at all to go anywhere particular.

view from our room

Since I was a kid I had to travel according to my parents’ plans. Not that I disliked it, but while growing up I always wanted to have an independent travel plan. A plan which will be just to have fun – pointless and undecided. Just wanted to do random things, without having to maintain a schedule and just explore the city. In fact I’ve always wanted to do this. Go to some classic cities, see the places to see, but more than that explore the city and experience the vibe of the city. Generally we kinda miss out to indulge in the vibes of a city cause we always have a pre-scripted travel plan. We stay in a place for a few days and it all goes away so fast, only in visiting the tourist attractions. I’m not a kind of person who only likes a laid back kinda routine(apart from sometimes). But I really like to stay at a place and just indulge in the energy of a city and have fun.

from 23rd floor

Delhi has sooo many cool places to go to, very hip malls and restaurants n all. And one of them was the Fashion TV Cafe, which has awesome decor and ambience.

And then one day we absolutely had no plans at all so we decided to visit Agra and see the evergreen Taj Mahal!

And yes, the motivation behind going to Delhi was also that there are some brands which I don’t get in my hometown . That’s why I keep wishing to go to Del or Mumbai. Shopping is always a given 🙂