May 16, 2017 Rima 0Comment

Back with the rest 25 pointers…

  1.  I get random wishes of learning or doing things and I cannot get my mind out of them until I do them.
  2.  I’m tired of answering people that I’m not on any sort of diet!
  3.  Tees or tops and a pair of trousers are my best friends.
  4.  This blog is a way of sharing my understanding of life as I take it
  5.  I have no idea of what I’ll be settling down in future, professionally. Do you?
  6.  I’m a very lazy person for things I don’t like to do at all.
  7.  Books are the love of my life and my companion forever.
  8.  I read fiction the least.
  9.  This blog has increased my habit of clicking pictures.
  10.  I have very less pics of mine coz I’m really shy to keep asking people to click me.
  11.  I’m claustrophobic at times.
  12.  Darkness also scares me!
  13.  I behave irrationally only with people very damn close to me
  14.  Yes I do get creative blocks, mind blocks and writers’ block.
  15.  I never miss high school; kind of relieved to have passed that phase.
  16.  I watch TV a lot when I have nothing to do, working simultaneously.
  17.  Bikes, never for me.
  18.  Vanilla is my most opted flavour most of the times.
  19.  I love rainbows.
  20.  You might call me workaholic.
  21.  I can become quite mad after a long mind tiring work session.
  22.  I can sound quite boring at times; putting that in a better way, I’m way ahead of my age 😛
  23.  I’m spiritually materialistic 😉
  24.  A free thinker, most of the times.
  25.  I’m an introvert kinda person, I have no idea why I’m sharing all these with you.

Assessing and knowing yourself isn’t easy, so was this list. But knowing yourself and writing that down is fun and very helpful. You can be your best critique when not biased. And if you can write down your strengths and weaknesses obviously you can work on them to becoming a better and stronger individual. If you happen to jot down 50 pointers about yourself like mine, do share it with me 🙂 Here’s the link to part one 50 shades of me