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Different things work for different kinds of people. What I’m meaning is that one particular way does not necessarily work for all of us. Since a few days I was wondering the value of casual sex and how does it impact on girls and guys. So I started talking to friends of mine and sensible people I know, not to find out any conclusion, but just to have an in depth idea of casual sex and its usefulness/un-usefulness.

Sex or orgasm is a great stress-buster we all know that so definitely there cannot be much negative points about sex unless its forceful or unwanted. But casual sex to me is more like out of the uncontrolled urge to have sex and gain physical pleasure. But then I wonder if its only about having orgasm, we can always help ourselves, anytime! Sex is a thing(in lack of a better word) capable of creating more strong energy and of making individuals feel way more peaks of pleasure rather than a short lived orgasm. And people who laugh at this idea coz they cannot wait and are always in a rush while sex, cannot ever feel the extreme possibilities of mating and making love!

Am I trying to mean that sex is only more enjoyed by people in a relationship coz they feel more for each other and actually ‘make love’ rather than just ‘intercourse’? somewhat yes, but not certainly. Even related couples do it in a rush just for the sake of doing and also un-related people can enjoy mating if its completely felt by both the people and in full consciousness. It is very obvious that certain women do feel bad after having sex under the influence of addictives or under some sort of pressure or convincing; but I also know of guys who do not want to involve in meaningless sex even when exposed to an environment of free sex.

Okay now this might seem like a conclusion from my side but its actually not – I think one should choose whatever works for him/her but any activity done without completely feeling the joy of it, is time wasted. And unless one stops rushing for orgasm, the person possibly won’t be able to experience the ecstasy of sex beyond orgasm. Leaving you with some excerpts/statements from friends and people I’ve spoken about this with ~~~


“ No no no, not interested at all ” – from a guy who’s deeply committed in love.

“ I think its fine as long as both parties understand the casual aspect of it and as long it’s done safely with protections and all ” – from an engineering student.

“ Positive. All Green on casual sex ” – from a 26 year old virgin (as he says).

“ Sex is our instinct, I feel we must experience sex to understand the potential of it, it brings joy. An one night stand can’t help us to feel what is sex but it can give us pleasure ” – from an wanderer and experiencer.

” I’ll say casual sex sounds more of a relief providing action rather than a romance full of love moment. It releases both male/female frustration and makes you feel light ” – by a friend.

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