January 2, 2017 Rima 0Comment
  1. Having a guy best friend is the best thing in the world until you have fallen in love with him!
  2. Trust me sometimes its also the best when your best friend turns into your boyfriend!
  3. Your friendship is not complex like it would have been if you had a boyfriend.
  4. Yeah, sometimes other girls do watch you when you laugh around with your guy. (Is that what you call a little envy?)
  5. You can share anything, just anything with your best friend being of opposite sex. You would have to think twice, maybe thrice before saying something to your girls.
  6. You ‘might’ notice a lil strange behaviour when you talk about falling in love with some other guy.
  7. And Yes, sometimes you will feel that you are falling in love with your best friend.
  8. Things are bound to change a little if you take your relation one step further.
  9. My advice, don’t let the playfulness evaporate from whatever kinda relation you are in with your guy!
  10. Btw, all the points are also equally applicable to a guy smile