October 9, 2016 Rima 0Comment

You’ve been reading this blog since quite a long time, so why don’t we get to  know each other a lil bit? Today I’m sharing with you things about me noted in 50 pointers – things that are not secretive but are very  personal and hardly few people would know. Its about Me and my nature, here we go ~~


  1. Probably by now you know that I’m Rima and I’m the sole operator+writer of this blog.
  2. Apparently I’ve completed doing my integrated BBA+MBA classes.
  3. I love blogging and I also love writing in general.
  4. I’d rather hang out with few close friends than attend a party full of people.
  5. I’m crazy for sumptuous food.
  6. Most of the times I’m simplistic.
  7. I’m not crazy to look stylish; very rarely.
  8. I love summers and the outdoors; love the daylight.
  9. My favourite colour is coral, yellow and fuchsia and black.
  10.  My favourite colour, dress-code and what I wear depends on my mood.
  11. I love listening to ghazals; and rock and melody.
  12. My favourite football team is Manchester United; and Netherlands (coz RVP is in that team) < might sound lame to a few 😛 >
  13.  I try to avoid competitions ( I’m too scared)
  14.  Oh by the way I would love to have some guest posts for you soon( contact if interested)
  15.  I would also love to share pieces of creativity done by my friends, if anybody ever needs that.
  16.  My favourite musical instrument is my iPhone – it plays every kind of music and vocals too!
  17.  I get elated to receive mails from my readers, friends and other bloggers.
  18.  I crave for constructive criticism from people, specially from a few of my professors and friends.
  19.  I totally enjoy doing nothing, and sometimes time just flies away thinking all alone by myself.
  20.  I wish to have a peaceful vacation on the hills and by the sea without any rush of doing things or returning back home.
  21.  Btw, I love cooking.
  22.  I feel best comfortable using a normal sized phone rather than the bigger phones that are on high trend.
  23.  I’m not fond of chocolates; mint chocolate is okay at times.
  24.  My accessories(mainly bracelets) are my evergreen love.
  25.  I get much indulged in wackier(bad) fantasies so that I can get over them sooner and never leave the wish unfilled (that’s one of my secret mantras)


Lil things are probable to get lost in a lot of things  – therefore I’d be putting up the next 25 pointers in the second part. Be back real soon smile